Zack had been through a lot. He’d lost more than he would like to admit.

First his father, then his mother, entire species and sense of normality.

Worst of all, he stared at his twin brother Kai, feeling like he’d lost him too.

They’d been through the same traumas. But had taken them very differently. Zack tried to smile and comfort the other children, tried to feel normal, tried to be normal.

Kai had given up years ago.

Zack watched his twin brother come back from missions and ignore him. Watched him hide in his room. Treat his injuries without ever asking for help.

Zack would prepare tea and food and try his very best to help. He’d formed a strong bond with Elizabeth, who would teach him to brew potions and treat wounds. She’d teach him to cook and to follow instructions.

Zack was scared of a lot of stuff. But most of all, he was scared of losing his brother.

Every time Kai came back from a mission the relief Zack felt was unmiserable, comparable only to the fear he felt next time Kai left.