No, not the close friends, besties, roommates, colleagues anything but lovers, kind of roommates. 

Actual people who live together. Specifically I’m going to be talking from experience and I haven’t been independent too long (early-mid twenties so about four years of independece) so keep that in mind. 

Character’s who are roommates are great fun. They live together which means there are not limits, middle of the night? No problem, just a room away! 

But sharing your space with somebody can be frustrating, so here are some conflict ideas: 

Breaking something valuable to the other, and not understanding. So, I’ve seen a lot of breaking something important, trying to hide it or fix it before they find out, trying to replace it. And that’s enjoyable and heartbreaking at the same time. But what about when they don’t understand the importance? So here’s a personal story, my new roommates broke a plate the other day, not one from the kitchen but one I had tucked away in a spare room, it’s old and a bit dirty, and they told me, promised to buy a new plate. But the thing is, I don’t want a new plate. The only reason I kept that plate is because it was in a big box of stuff my dad gave me when I moved out. Most of it is crap. It was when he gave it to me. It still is now. But he gave them to me. And they remind me of him. And his no longer with me. So I hold onto a good few things that are absolutely worthless. But it’s hard for my roommate to wrap their head around the fact that what they broke was irreplaceable to me. 

-This leads onto, banning stuff. My roommate also managed to break two pots, impressive given they’ve only been here two weeks. It’s not important, they just went and bought news ones. But because this has happened twice in two weeks I’ve now banned them form using a small pot my dad gave me. 

And when you start telling people you can’t use this kitchen thing, they usually get annoyed. Even though I have a full set of pots and there is literally no use to that forth one. Like, I only have space for two pots to cook at a time anyway. But, to them, it feels like I don’t trust them. And I don’t. That’s the problem. 

Animals and pets. See, it’s amazingly fun when someone brings a pet into your house that isn’t yours, because there’s an animal you get to enjoy, play with, pet, and not be at all responsible for! Like, I don’t have to worry about weather I feed it in the morning or their water bowl is full. Except, what about when the cat scratches my furniture, breaks my things or has an accident while my roommates aren’t around? 

Pets are a lot of responsibility. And sometimes, they bring with them a lot of trouble. Because it’s one thing for my cat to destroy my favourite shoes, and it’s another for somebody elses’ to do it. 

Things going missing. See, when I live on my own and something goes missing my first thought is, I’ve misplaced this. But living with others my first thought is where have they left this. 

Sometimes I’m right to think this, other times I’m not. You’d think good communication would be an easy solution, except sometimes you ask in the group chat if somebody moved x thing. And they become defensive, like, I haven’t touched this in forever. Why would I move it? Why can’t you trust me put it away? And then them becoming defensive makes you annoyed and more accusatory… it’s a spiral. 

Arguments. Not between you and them, but between them and them. Okay, so say among your roommates is a couple. Couples sometimes argue, sometimes they do that loudly. And you can’t exactly get in the middle of that. So you just have to sit back and wonder when your noisy neighbours moved into your home. 

Noise in general can be a problem between roommates, but I find arguing to be worse because of the lack of willingness to get involved. Plus, they are already angry before you open the door to complain. 

Common areas. So, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Who get’s what space? This has always been a hot topic for me because every time I’ve shared space, I’ve shared space from a spot of privliege. First, because it was my boyfriend’s property, now it is mine. Usually I try to make sure everybody has the same amount of space in places like the bathroom and kitchen. 

However, the living room is a different story. See, the living room has a style to it, and I quite like a specific style. So I don’t really want other people’s stuff decorating and covering up my own stuff. Because of this, I usually write in contracts that you can use the living room (obviously) but do not get any storage space there. Making that booksehlve entirely mine to full of numerous young adult fantasy novels. 

It’s selfish, I admit. And my current roommate have complained a bit that they don’t have enough space in their room for all their stuff, but as far as I’m concerned, the room is spacious they are constantly buying new stuff. If I let them use the living room I fear it would become packed with things I don’t like. So I put my foot down on this one. 

But if the flat were rented between several roommates and nobody had more power than the rest, I don’t know how this argument would go down. It could be an interested thing to explore. 

I’ve left out obvious ones here like, cleaning, taking the rubbish out, leaving the toiler seat up and locking the front door, I think that’s all been explores so much in media there really is nothing I could add. 

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Do you have roommates? What conflicts have you had that could be interesting?