Character’s hair is one of the main defining characteristics, but hair isn’t just aesthetic. Hair has an affect on our day to day life, getting stuck in stuff, requiring care and as kids, an effective chew toy. 

It’s something to consider in our writing. So, here are some things I experience as a person with kind of wavy/curly/fuzzy hair. 

-It’s way longer than it looks. My hair doesn’t look short, it’s significantly over shoulder length, but it also doesn’t look super long. Of course, if I straighten it while it’s wet it actually reaches down just over my hips. 

-It looks like you lose a lot because of it’s length. Because of the previously mentioned point, a single strand of hair of mine seems to go on forever. Whenever I brush my hair it looks like I’m losing handfuls and handfuls of hair. The amount of times people have asked me about my hair loss. And I’m just like, “nah, it’s normal”, because it’s always been like that and I’ve never had any problems. 

-Sometimes, you do lose a lot, but it’s not going to make a difference. There are some occasions during exams or high stress moments I do begin to lose quite a bit of hair. But it’s never actually made a difference, nobody other than me has ever been able to tell. Another thing about curly hair is depending on days, weather and other factors, it looks more or less voluminous so even if it made a difference nobody would notice. 

-If I cut it, I get horrible little curls. So, the way my hair works is the weight of the curls actually makes the very top of my hair straight. I like this. The style suits me and it’s easy to take care of. If I were to cut it, the weight would vanish and my hair would be completely curly. The problem is, sometimes hairdressers have made mistakes and cut strands too short, and then I’ll be stuck with this one random curls that won’t go away for literally years while my hair grows from shoulder length back to my hips length. Be picky with your hairdressers! Not just anybody can do curly hair, unfortunately. 

-A brush will ruin it. A normal brush. Most brushed. Brushed are not only difficult and painful and time consuming, it just makes my hair fuzzy and horrible and far more tangles then prior. I do occasionally use a de-tangle brush before a showers if I moved a lot in my sleep or went on motorbike. But other than that I pretty much exclusively “brush” my hair with my fingers and a lot of conditioner in the shower. 

-Straightening it lasts hours. As in a couple of hours and that’s it. When I was younger I tried and by the time I got to school it was fuzzy again. The only way my hair is staying straight is if running water is running down it. 

-It gets caught in everything and is extremely painful. I think one of the most painful things I do on a near daily basis is I put my glasses on after my helmet, and every time it gets hair caught in them and pulls and ugh, so much pain. Especially the shorter hairs near the ears from my experience. 

And that’s all I can think of for now. 

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I’d love to read writing references for hair unlike mine, if you know of any good ones, send them my way! (please)