If there’s one thing I’ve realised over the years, most people don’t see themselves as poor or rich. 

Most people assume they are just normal. No matter how much money they make or how they live. 

Even if they live in a large home with a large garden and have no trouble paying their bills, they see billionaires on the news and think, “they’re rich, I am not.”

Even if they struggle to pay their bills and don’t always know where their next meal comes from, they see people who are homeless and think, “I’m not poor, they are.” 

You’re probably no exception to this rule. I certainly am not. I remember a year ago explaining to my boyfriend that I was middle class. He laughed and looked it up… apparently my definition of rich is middle class. I was just refusing to admit I was poor. Still a bit upset by that, ignorance truly is bliss. 

Anyways, why is this relevant when writing? 

Well, if we’re writing a character we perceive as rich or poor, we may automatically assume they know this. 

But unless they are extremely rich or poor, or they’ve researched at some point, they probably won’t be that knowledgeable about their financial status, just seeing themselves as normal. 

And I know this might not seem like a big deal, but it actually is, it’s a huge part of the issues we face in society nowadays, the inability to distinguish class, causing us to assume everybody is capable of the same things when realistically, we aren’t. 

So if their class, their financial situation, is relevant to your writing, then the perception of such should also be relevant. 

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