Okay, I don’t know if that title tells you what I’m about to talk about, but I also didn’t want to say just politics because fantasy politics are a completely different pie. So, what I want to talk about today is how your real world politics is going to affect your fantasy world.

Taking your real world political views and including it in your work and your marketing, it’s a dangerous path, it’s also completely unavoidable. 

Because here’s the thing, everything is political, even though we don’t want it to be. 

My book, the protagonist is a strong female lead, that’s feminism, political. One of the main pairings are two married married woman, I wish it wasn’t political but I won’t hide my support for the LGBTQ+ community. Even the fact that there is money that is traded in for goods and people work, that’s capitalism. 

And no I’m not implying that including capitalism means you are in favour of capitalism and everything that goes side by side with that. I’m also not saying that using a none-capitalistic system means you are against it. All I’m saying is politics are everywhere in our writing.

And there are details that are more conscious decisions, things that will likely tell a reader something about your opinion and cause them to form an opinion about you. 

For example, in my own series, I’m from Europe, I’ve grown up in Europe, and something we have pretty much everywhere here is universal healthcare, and as someone with genetic mutations that make me a high risk investment, I know insurance would be expensive if I lived somewhere without this system. So I’m quite obviously in favour of this system. 

Because of this, I made the conscious decision to include universal healthcare within my fantasy world. As well as public educations and other social stuff I’ve grown up with and believe to be both good and normal. 

And I know, someone who reads my book who isn’t living the same life as me, may not see that as normal, and thereby see it as a political statement. So I have the choice to either step back, or stand my ground. And I choose to stand my ground. I choose, to include something that can be seen as political. 

So, why do I say this? 

Because like I said, I know this is political, but to me it’s also my normal. I want you to notice those things you’ve included in your book, that might be perceived as political, I want you to understand they could one day bring criticism, and that you should be ready to stand your ground if it’s comes to that. 

You can also just fix everything with magic and ignore politics. It might be a good idea, I certainly wouldn’t judge you for it.