How about flying? Or you could romanticise all the magic? You could be romanticising magical creatures? You could romanticise floating islands? Don’t you love it when people romanticise the perfect relationship with absolute no flaws? 

Or do you perhaps feel a deep sadness that the world you’re reading about is so different to your own, so inaccesible and after that last page, gone. 

How about, we use those things as part of the plot and world while romanticising things we have access to. 

Sometimes, when I was younger, I’d put down a book feeling depressed because I wished I could live in any world except your own. 

And that’s not a good feeling to get from a book. 

And the romantisation of things that are completely inaccesible in the real world isn’t helpful. Romanticising a nice cup of coffee, a walk through the park, the feeling of books, a fresh cup of water after exercise… that’s accesible. And although your goal isn’t to make a reader want to put down your book, if a reader reads a scene, and wants to go make a cup of tea because you made that scene so appealing, that’s an amazing accomplishment! 

There are books that still change the way I view certain mundane things to this day. A great example for me is Maria V. Snyder’s glass trilogy, I have never seen a glass statue the same way. A glass statue, something I see all the time in shops and at markets. With her writing she changed the way I view something, she made something mundane into something amazing. Making my life just that tiny bit better. 

That’s what I want to do when I romanticise something. I want to romanticise fireworks, coffee, tea, lying out on the grass in the sun, climbing trees, reading books.

As someone who loves fantasy, fantasy worlds and fantasy creatures. I make an effort to concentrate those beautiful bits of description, not on fantasy but on the mundane. On the things that anybody has access to, because, I don’t just want people to be happy while they’re reading the story, I want to change the way people see the world for better. Or at least I’m going to try. 

What do you romanticise in your story?