Werewolves are one of The Union’s longest neglected species. Mostly because they never should have been seen as a separate species to humans.
Werewolves started as just a few humans who played with magic and accidentally changed themselves. At first seeing it as an accomplishment, they could transform into a powerful wolf, see in the dark and were stronger than before.
But soon they realised they were drawn to the moon and if exposed to it’s light for too long they would lose control and become little more than animals until the sun came out. Not only were they a danger to others but to themselves as well.
More werewolves appeared as the magic seemed to pass through blood, both by biting or through birth.
It was only a hundred years ago that a potion was invented that allowed to remove the violent tendencies. But if overused one can become immune.
Werewolves used to do jobs that required travel, allowing them to plan their trips so the brightest of nights they could be dead centre in a forest. Nowadays though, they are just a human with extra steps.