1.- I mentioned in part 1 about the connection to a character. How we don’t always mourn over character’s but instead we mourn alongside other characters, purely out of empathy. Well, taking that a step further, mourn a villain or an unlikable character. 

For example, you have a daughter who’s dad is perhaps an alcoholic and slightly abusive, he’s a bad person and instead of help him she prioritises her own well being. As an audience we agree with her. But when her father dies she will not only mourn him, but in part blame herself, and also in part hate herself for feeling bad for a person who treated her so badly. This is an example I think we’ve all probably seen in media before, but you can have character’s dislike each other for a million less serious reasons and this still works. 

2.- Don’t let the others know. When we as readers see a character die, but the main group isn’t there to witness it, they are searching and searching, believing the dead character to be alive, and as a reader you are waiting for them to find a body or some kind of evidence of their passing. 

You are both dreading the moment but also want it to be over with. 

3.- If the character has a pet that the other character’s have to take care of. An animal that doesn’t understand the concept of death and still waits at the door for their owner to come home. Say no more. 

4.- Denial. When a character refuses to believe their friend or family is dead. No matter how much they are told, no matter how the evidence points in that direction, until one day, one fateful chapter, undeniable proof is presented and all that grief they put on hold finally comes crashing in. 

Sorry for the super short post. I have a question to answer sometime soon but this has been sitting in my drafts waiting for me to think of a couple more things and I thought it was a good time to finally publish it. 

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