Never heard of it? Good, because I just made it up. 

It’s what I call the way I do world building. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does it this way I’ve just no read about it before. The name explains it pretty well once you know what I’m talking about. 

I basically know nothing about my world when I start writing. I’ll know the details that inspired me to start, so for example in a book I’m writing at the moment the only thing I knew at the start of writing was there were two kingdoms, at war, with different magical abilities. 

Do I know the culture of each kingdom? Do I know the technology level? Do I know what animals they keep as pets? Do I know their history? Their geography? The weather patterns? 


And I don’t need to know them to START. 

I think a lot of new authors feel overwhelmed by all they need to figure out. And because of that people just never start. Or worse, you work out a super complex world, you start… and then you realize the story would be far better in a completely different world (unfortunately I say this from experience). 

I think I mentioned this in a post about maps once upon a time, that my method of map making included adding things as they appeared in the story. That gave me complete freedom while writing because I wasn’t limited to what a pre-made map said, but it also meant I could keep track of the world as I made it. 

I do this with every single detail in my book. 

Timeline? I have a timeline, but I add to it as things come up, and only once something is published do I use a grey highlighter to mark is as “unmoveable”. 

I don’t know how my fantasy creatures work until I work with them, inside a story.

When a question comes up during writing, I answer it. 

That’s how I worldbuild. 

A couple of things to note here: 

1.- I do keep track of things using timelines and maps, I don’t just write without reference. This means I don’t tend to make many continuity errors and things still make sense. 

2.- This works very well for me because I do a VERY rough first draft. My first draft is not meant for the eyes of a reader. It’s meant to bring the story into existence after which it becomes my outline and I do a complete re-write starting from zero cleaner second draft. 

3.- I don’t only write main series content. A lot of the details come from journals, prequels and other bits of writing that help the world be flashed within my mind. If I only had the main books to work with this method would lead to a rather bland and empty world. 

I hope this helped! 

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