Sarah was the youngest of the remaining dragons. Unlike the rest, she had no recollection of a time when dragons flew through the skies and were free to roam the world.

The only reason she knew anything about her parents was because her older brother Danny sat down and told her stories.

But neither of them really knew how accurate they were, Danny had only been about three when it happened.

Because of this lack of recollection, Sarah was full of energy and optimism. She had nothing to fear, and whenever one of the other kids seemed to be getting lost in those long-ago memories, she’d drag them, often literally, back into the present.

She had a large imagination; she said and did the most ridiculous stuff. Her sense of humour and timing were spot on and she could get even the adults to forget about their worries for a little while.

She knows all of this about herself and makes up for it by being extra annoying at times.