Not during your first draft. 

Maybe not even during your second. 

But at some point, you’ve got to slow down and check out what’s going on and more relevant, when? I forgot about this for a little while in my first book. Not sure what draft I was on when I stared at the sentence: “It had been a few months…” and went, “That feels nowhere near accurate.” 

So the next draft I chose a specific colour highlighter and post-it and marked every instance time was mentioned. Whether the exact amount of time spent was specified or not. I then wrote that all down on a piece of paper with a quick line and the number of days, big events and ta-dah! I had a very basic timeline (the first book in my series takes place in a small amount of time). With that I then checked everything I’d written was okay/corrected it where it wasn’t. 

Ideally, I recommend you do this as you write your second draft, or when you edit your third. Depending on your writing style. 

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How long does your book last in-world? My first book is pretty short, couple of weeks short. But my second book takes place over several months. And one of standalone novelettes takes place over a good year. Different stories, different in world timelines. No right or wrong way, just what makes sense to the story you’re telling.