Like most of my posts, although not always specifically stated, this is about fantasy. 

In fantasy, characters often have power-sets. Many writers advice you to know the limits of those powers (me included). But, once you know the limits. The rules. It’s time to stare down that power set and figure out exactly how you can stretch those rules. 

I think a good and common example of this is Avatar the Last Airbender, if you haven’t seen it, do. Just do. It has powers, it has clear and simple rules, and it got creative as hell with them. It’s one of the most rewarding power sets ever because of it’s simplicity and creativity, a true example for the ages. It’s inspired countless creatives and it’s pretty obvious why. 

Water bending, you can bend water. That means you can get water from plants, you can blend blood, use your own sweat as a weapon and more. You can do this with your own power set too. 

And not always for the epic, sometimes for the mundane too! 

An example from my own book, my main character’s main power set is she can heat herself up. This is obviously a powerful weapon, causing terrible burns to her enemies. But off the battle field it receives even more use, she will heat up her food with her hands, dry her hair with her own heat, she even has fireproof clothes and will burn any filth off of them. And although it’s not stated expressly until the second book (very mild spoilers, skip a paragraph to avoid) she also uses it to cauterice wounds and avoid bleeding out. 

A single power can be used in many ways. Remember that. It feels far more rewarding than having many powers. 

Remember, limitations on creativity can be a pro! If used correctly.