So I just saw a TikTok about why book four of Harry Potter was so long, basically there was a plot whole caused by Winky being there and it took a lot to fix. And the TikToker (@e1e4n0r5) pointed out that, why not just delete Winky? And I don’t know, I’d like to think there was a reason. But that made me think, sometimes authors forget rewriting is an option

If there’s a plot whole there are two options, you write your way out of it, or you delete it and rewrite. Both are equally as valid but the second is often going to be the far better if it’s a big plot whole! Cleaner and faster. 

I know this when I do my second draft, but sometimes after that second one I forget, I think, oh, well, it’s a shame the king doesn’t show up as much as he could have… and it’s like, I’m still editing, I can just add him in! Solved. Easy. 

Until you’ve pressed publish (and even after depending on the situations) you can delete characters, plot points, entire chapters and rewrite them to fit. You don’t need to work with what you’ve already done. 

I don’t know why we as authors do this, I take it it’s because we have our writing mode and then our editing mode and forget that’s it’s kind of the same thing… so, this is your friendly reminder, rewriting is accepted and encouraged at and all stages of your book!