When it comes to character’s in YA fantasy we often limit ourselves to direct family. There’s a main character, her living or not living parents… maybe siblings? But often that’s it. 

But families are big. There are grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins… 

And depending on how a person was bought up, these people can be really close. Or perhaps not, perhaps they’re very distant and conversations are always really awkward. 

Perhaps an aunt knows the main character very well but the main character barely even recognises them. 

I know this is silly, but I often realise when writing I’ve completely overlooked any family more distant than parents. And it’s a shame, because in some of my works where I do bother to wonder into that unknown territory, it often offers some amazingly fun results. 

So I invite you to today to just think about those other people in your character’s life and what is up with them. 

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Oh, and have fun!