It was over three centuries ago that the monarchy decided education was the basis of society and set up the public-school system.

Lots of people believed this was an impossible feat, at the time the Union was still starting out, which meant that the kingdom was no longer just humans but a combination of species with different abilities and needs.

At the beginning these public schools were completely theoretical, they accepted all species and taught things like reading, writing, history, but nothing practical, there was no physical education, no magical education, just theory.

Despite this fact, public schooling still had an overall positive impact on society, parents could work knowing there kids were safe in the monarchy’s hands, literacy went up drastically, and although not perfect, most people agreed that the impossible had been accomplished.

One century in, Queen Dalayla, decided the current education system was only the first step, she began the largest school reform to date, she made school mandatory for all children, home schooling was not allowed under any circumstance at this time, the amount of schools tripled and the teachers employed quadrupled, students now divided depending on their abilities.

There were schools for humans, mages, fairies and so on, in smaller towns it was often limited to magic and non-magic schools with different classes, in the smallest of towns there may not have been any schools or just one, but still there would be teachers and there would be students, nobody was exempt.

Although there was a lot more opposition, parents arguing that they didn’t agree with the monarchy educating their kids, the success of it was undeniable. The lower class saw an incredible reduction, making the kingdom to this day one of the richest countries, having the very few cases of extreme poverty.

Lots of kids who previously had been in extreme poverty families, found that through education they could escape.

Despite this, a century ago the last big school reform revaluated the choice to completely ban home schooling, parents can now apply to home-school and through it must be approved by the state, there are thousands of kids who are home-schooled by capable parents, and even more cases who opt in for a combination of home-school and presential school due to personal reasons.

Although home-schooling was not the only thing to be added with this new reform, another big decision was a kingdom wide ban on private schools. The monarchy considers education a right and an obligation, it considers education something that can’t be sold for money. Allowing students to opt for home-schooling, reducing the number of students at schools, while simultaneously closing down a vast number of schools, left a lot of teachers without jobs, something that caused public out roar.

This has mostly died down, especially thanks to the monarchy allowing academies and extra-curriculum education to remain in the private sector.

There have been many small tweaks and changes to the education system over the years, some minor and just adaptations to the current time, other more major such as the age of initiation and termination.

But overall, the consensus is that public education makes for a more rounded society with higher probability of success. This success in a public education sector would also lead to the monarchy creating many more public services.

This article was written by Itazu Warren as part of a school project.