After the enormous success of the public education system, the monarchy decided to expand on other previously private sectors.

They already had public security as a number one priority, education was going well, and the next step was health care.

It started not with actual care, but with investigation. At the time King Joseph believed in the limitless of magic, at the time magic was a huge part of society, but not really understood, it still isn’t entirely understood, but we have made huge advances.

As such, he believed that magic could somehow extend and improve the lives of his citizens. Unfortunately this turned out to be a fluke, magic to this day, does not serve any direct healing purposes, but despite this, during the investigations several large medical advances were achieved, some discoveries include cauterizations, better cleaning techniques and a lot of added knowledge on muscles and nerves.

This success led his son, King Valentine, to further invest in medical investigation. He would hire a great number of nurses and doctors and offer up free treatment in exchange for close surveillance to the public.

Patients could either pay for a private doctor, or they could access a public doctor who would take notes and keep tabs. At first only those less fortunate would access these public doctors, but as said public doctors advanced and became more and more skilled, as the patients who accessed these public doctors would speak grandly of the service.

More and more people chose this route.

When this actually had a positive affect on lifespan and the economy as well the public happiness, the service was tweaked creating the actual health care system, patients are still required to allow doctors to take notes and keep tabs, but very few have any complaints regarding this fact as it is what continues to allow for medical advancements.

Other small details about this public system, bodies are considered property of the state, as such when a person dies their organs can be used for science or other patients. If someone wants their body to be buried or handed back to their family for cultural reasons, they must specify in their will.

This isn’t to say a body not specified in the will won’t be returned if the family requests it. But it can be denied if there is an emergency.

Life always goes first.