I sometimes hear people say, “oh, I kinda miss flirting since I’ve been in a relationship”. And I’m just like, “what?” 

I’ve been in a relationship with the same guy for five years and I haven’t stopped flirting for an instant. In fact, I flirt sooooo much more now. 

Same goes for characters. Characters don’t need to only flirt prior to a relationship and then settle down. Flirting is just romantic banter. 

Some character’s might only engage in it before getting into a relationship. That’s cool. 

Some might keep it constant. Also great! 

Some might not flirt until after they start being in a relationship. Adorable. 

And some will flirt more or less after getting into a relationship. Perfectly acceptable! 

Flirting is romantic banter. Keep it around, it’s fun. 

As usual,  check out my socials and book here. Also, if you want flirting aka romantic banter, my story Love, Coffee and Dragons has bits and bobs of it. It’s kind of fluff without plot, more a character exploration, a window into the life of two character’s from my main book before that happens. But I mean, it’s two woman just living their life together and enjoying the small things in life!