I’m not really referring to character development here. Obviously as character’s become closer and get to know each other their behaviour changes, they’ll be more open and understand the other’s needs better. 

I’m talking more milestone changes, such as entering a relationship. 

How do their interactions change? 

Were they more likely to have differing opinion before they were a couple? Do they spend less time apart? Are they more defensive? 

Let’s use an example: 

I’m super shy. Not as shy as I was as a kid but still, pretty subdued. I’m not comfortable touching other people and it takes a long time to start telling jokes. 

When I started dating my currently boyfriend we’d been friends for three months. Nowhere near long enough for me to have that level of confidence. But the day I asked him out and we started dating, that changed. 

Suddenly, my confidence was ten fold, I became confident enough to hold his hand, kiss him on the cheek, I made jokes constantly whenever there was an awkward silence. 

It was like I was a whole different person. 

While not being at all. All those things were a part of me. 

And the same went for him. The thing is, that tag we give people, “acquaintance”, “friend”, “partner”, it may be a social construct but so is our entire personality. And that tag can change a lot. 

Another good example is, I have a time limit on how long I will spend with certain people in my life, and this time limit changes depending on the tag. This is mostly because I’m scared they’ll get bored of me, but the point is, the tag changes things. 

My boyfriend gets the honor of infinite time with me if he so desires. 

Friends can have a pretty long time. 

Acquaintances not so much. 

When my classmate called me her friend, when that tag changed, I immediately became open to meeting up outside of class. That quick. 

Those tags matter, not to everybody, but to a lot of people. 

So my question is: What are your character’s tags? Do those tags matter to them? How does it change them? 

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Also, how do those tags affect you? Just curious, I know I can be a bit weird with certain stuff and would love to know if it’s normal or just a me thing.