A city known better for it’s thugs than it’s charm.

Nubilum has a micro-climate of clouds and rain. It’s surrounded by mountains so tall it is literally enveloped by shadows.

Every few years the monarchy tries to get the city under control. Sending better teachers, sending better guards, sending extra funds to fix the public buildings and help the local businesses.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t’ yet worked out.

Teachers try their best, but there are few kids in Nubilum. People don’t really grow up in Nibilum, they end up there.

Few live there, most are passing through. Most have something they want that they can’t get somewhere else.

Nubilum has a number of black markets that move around.

No matter how many times they fix up the buildings, the strong rain, the fights, the plain and simple uncaring nature of it’s inhabitants who are never there for long, leads to its eventual collapse.

There are a few people who live here. Usually species who need to hide, refugees, those hiding form the law, it’s also home to a rather large werewolf and vampire population. Those who wish to hide from the sun.

This may be it’s saving grace. These people don’t often seek out trouble. They seek out the climate, it’s a safe heaven. Enough people who care may actually one day give Nubilum a running chance at normality.

This is what motivates the Monarchy to keep trying.