So, by misheard I actually mean misunderstand by only hearing part of a sentence. But that was too long of a title. 

So, my partner just got upset for like five seconds after this happened:

I made a joke, I said, “stop being right about stuff, nobody can argue with you like this.” 

But he only heard the, “nobody can argue with you like this” portion making him think I was having a go at him. (Especially because the conversation was in Spanish and that’s a very typical expression used for when you shouting or just not arguing nicely). 

And I was thinking, how would I express this in a book? Well, not like I just did. See, the thing with him not hearing me, is there was a reason, I was pouring some water and speaking quietly. The reaction he gave clued me in as to what just happened immediately. Making this an easy to write scene. 

“Stop being right about stuff,” I mumbled as I turned the tap off, “nobody can argue with you like this.” 

He perked up at the sound of my voice, “what did I do wrong?” 

I chuckled, “I said stop being right about stuff or nobody can argue with you.” 

His concern was replaced with a smile and a shake of his head. 

The most important part of this is separating the sentence into two parts (the part he heard and the part he didn’t), with the explanation in the middle. 

Describing his body language is also helpful. 

Yes, this is a very stupidly specific thing. I am technically writing this at 2:26am. 

Do not question my late night author thoughts. Merely take these tips and create more writing! Or don’t, I mean, not everybody wants to be a writer.