Melany is fifteen years old, she had blonde hair with pink streaks that match her eyes.

When transformed, she is white with pink splotches.

Does she realize any of this? Well, no. Melany is the definition of in the clouds. Except those clouds are made of paper and ink.

Melany’s love for reading is her entire life. She often claims to have hobbies outside of books, but her way of proving this is by reading books about said hobbies.

Some people suspect this is a coping mechanism. After the world as she knew it got thrown into chaos, escaping to another world where everything fell into place would make sense. Except it really isn’t, she always had this obsession, just now there was nobody stopping her.

She’s trying to work towards other parts of her life, she tries occasionally to spend more time making small talk with the other dragons. But she often finds it difficult. Her friends are supportive and never offended by her putting books before them.

Usually they get her talking by asking her about things she read or for book recommendations.