The Fields is how most dragons refer to the (guess what?) fields that spread out behind the castle at the back of the city.

They have soft soil and tall thick grass that is not treated kindly.

The Fields is where children typically learn to fly, the soft ground makes accidental crash landings as harmless as possible. The castle allows a good jumping off point. The mountains behind serve as a clear limit so kids don’t fly too far away.

The Fields hold a fond place in most dragon’s heart. Flying is an essential part of dragon culture, most dragons see flying as essential to their way of life as sight or hearing.

Older dragons often enjoy watching the fields from the castle, be it the roof, the tall windows or the quiet library. All offer perfect areas to watch the small dragons fall, fly and occasionally crash.

The Fields are also used for ceremonies. They are the largest empty space dragons have access too, as such any big party or dance it held there. Including weddings, funerals, graduations, there was a huge party held there when the Union was officiated. A lot of political discussion and kids running around making a mess.

Fireworks are also often set off in the area. Usually causing fires. Not that dragon’s really care about that. The fires are easy to control, relatively harmless and cause the grass to grow back even stronger. It’s probably the amount of fires and crashing that has caused such a strong breed of grass to originate there in the first place.

There is no time of day during which the fields are completely shaded from the sun, not until the sun fully sets behind the mountains.

Even at night the moonlight keeps it easy to see. And the castle light also spreads over it.

What the fields do not offer, is a hiding spot.

Something that would have come in handy.