What is magic?

This is the first question I remember asking my mother and not getting an answer as a kid. It wouldn’t be the last, but it is perhaps one of few that I still, to this day, have not found the answer to.

Magic is ethereal. It’s everywhere at all times, it’s in the air, in the water, in every person and animal.

For most, it’s undetectable.

Humans, mages, dragons, mermaids, none of these beings can see or hear or feel magic. At least not in the typical sense though nerves and senses.

But these creatures do react to magic, in vastly different ways.

Mages, with enough practice and training, can use magic. Firstly with the help of our parents and a staff, designed and carved by only the most powerful of mages. And later those powerful enough can do it alone.

Dragons are born magic. Magic is a part of them, it’s what keeps them alive, allows them to transform, they use magic even if they’re not entirely conscious that’s what they’re doing.

Mermaids, have magic, it’s what keeps their scales and hair as healthy as it is, but they do not use it, they have no use for it, if you took it away, they’d be none the wiser.

Humans, well humans are the only intelligent species that makes no use of magic, they don’t need it to live, they don’t need it to develop or to exist, they don’t care. And they have no way of accessing it.

What differentiates a mage from a human?

A lot of people falsely believe that mages and humans are identical physically, that out differences come from our ability to use magic.

This is a lie. A big one.

Mages and humans may look alike, but so do vampires, werewolves, dragons, I mean, since when did looks mean anything in this chaotic world?

Mages are physically closer to humans than species such as a dragon, but we are still, at our core, different. We are far less delicate, our body is better at recomposing itself, making out life expectancy much longer.

We are resistant to temperature changes and rarely affected by illnesses. We are, however, equally weak to blunt force. Another different between mages and dragons.

So, with all this in mind we can conclude that magic is above all, flexible. It serves many purposes. It exists to full a need.

In some cases, the need is survival, mermaids needed to be able to survive underwater, magic filled that need. Dragons needed to regulate their temperature if they were ever going to leave the desserts, magic helped them with that.

But that doesn’t answer the question, what is magic? Where did it come from?

Asking this question is like asking where our consciousness came from.

Maybe one day we’ll know the answer, but it’s unlikely.