Mage’s are often recognized on the street for having a large wooden staff, but older mages who no longer use a staff can also at times be differentiated from humans due to their choice of clothes.

Mage’s don’t have much of a culture, they are few and live very long lives, having shown up only a millennia or so ago, there hasn’t been many generations passed, but this is one of the few things that has stuck.

The mage’s one piece is a full body piece made of flexible material, usually it’s monotone tending to be a darker colour, but new generations have been seen using brighter colours or even patterns for their outfit.

Sometimes it had a hood and other times it does not.

So, why this one piece?

The reason is actually quite simple: Illusions.

For anybody who doesn’t know this basic magic, illusions change what a person perceives, it most typically only has an affect on one’s sight, but can affect hearing and smell also. Mage’s aren’t the only magical creature to make use of this magic, but they are the most common. And that’s where the mages one-piece comes in. By being a single simple piece of fabric, it’s easy to layer an illusion on top.

The nature of illusions means that if you are to touch that which is hidden by the illusion, the illusions fades. If you were to wear a skirt or even a tie, there’s a piece of fabric that can easily be accidentally touched disactivating the illusion.

As such, mages use a one piece to facilitate illusions.

Now a question one could have is, why? What do they have to hide? And the answer is, usually nothing. Mages clean their clothes with magic, getting changed and spending money on clothes seems a waste when with a wave of your staff you can be wearing any outfit you like. So, many mages sport this outfit with the mere intent of being able to change it whenever for whatever.

A very good story about this is when a mage went to meet the king, dressed in one what looked to be his best clothes, they shook hands and his clothes came undone revealing the simple one piece.

The king chuckled, the mage blushed and with a quick wave of his staff was dressed once more in the fine clothing.

After the event media asked the king if he was offended that he was not important enough for the man to be bothered to dress in actual fine clothing. The king responded that it was the most exciting thing to happen that evening.

This got him in a bit of trouble with his advisor as it was a big political event of major importance.