Kai was strong. Strong and protective.

He’d always been strong, but he became protective when those who protected him stopped being around.

Kai grew up in a happy family, a mother who worked keeping dragons safe, a father who was goofy and made bad jokes, his twin brother, Zack, who held his hand whenever a stranger approached.

Life was good.

But that life was long behind them. There was no mother or father around to protect them.

The first time Zack grabbed his twin’s hand after they realized they were alone, Kai knew he had his job cut out for him.

He became invested in the idea of a safer world for his twin. So, he joined forces with May, the mage who found them hiding in a whole and offered them safety. He convinced her he was strong; he could follow orders and was willing to do anything that needed doing.

Most importantly he was amazing at following orders.

Until one day he wasn’t.