Are you writing a story and maybe putting it out into the world for free? Is nobody reading it? Do you ask yourself, if nobody will read it for free, how am I ever going to actually sell a book? 

I’ve said the same things many times. 

I wrote an entire novelette with the only intention to promote myself and my upcoming novel. One person read it! One. And that’s more than most of my freely available stories. 

But my book that’s up for sale, I’ve sold like twenty copies plus however many people read it on unlimited (like three or something?). Are those huge numbers? Well… no. But my point is, numbers are stupid sometimes. 

More people were willing to pay to read my writing than there are people reading what I have available for free. It’s probably psychology or something. So, if you’re asking those questions, don’t. 

It’s highly unlikely NOBODY will read it! Unless you drastically overprice it or something weird like that. 

So stop staring at those analytics and keep staring at that blank page because that novel will not write itself! Coming from somebody who should be writing…

As usual,  check out my socials and book here. Also includes a link to my Wattpad where you can find some free writing I did in an attempt to promote myself. 

What are you writing right now? A book? Or are you doing some online writing? I’d love to know what you’re all up to!