So, in a previous post I talked about the importance of information and being sure each book in your series has all the relevant information. Both for readers who have somehow accidentally or inadvertently skipped a book, or just as an accessibility feature for people with bad memory! 

However, doing this can be a lot of work, and not everybody is good at it. We all have our writing weaknesses, not to mention the longer a series goes on the harder it is to keep new readers up to date. 

So today I just want to remind you all, you can do a summary! Ever watch a tv program and they give you a recap at the beginning of what you need to know? Do the same thing. Before chapter one just include a quick summary of everything that had happened up until that point. That way you can go on safely knowing everybody is up to date. 

It’s not something standard in books and I’ve only seen it a handful of times, sometimes if I’ve just read the last book I’ll skip it, other times it’s a life saver! 

People try to stick to industry standard, but industries aren’t always right and innovation is amazing, so if you’re struggling or just don’t know how, remember you can do a summary. 

How many books do you plan to have in your series? I still have no idea.