This advice is only for the first draft, it’s for content, not form, not grammar, not anything like that, just content. 

Go get a glass of wine, drink it, do that again a couple of times. 

Or, just write at an hour when you’re soo tired you’re barely there. 

Hemingway once said, write drunk and edit sober. 

I thought that’s stupid. Until I wrote half a book from 2 to 6 in the morning once, was barely awake and went over the next day like “woah. Sleepy Hannah knew what she was doing.” 

I’m not recommending you get proper drunk here, but you don’t need much to remove your common sense filter and if like me you’re writing fantasy, common sense isn’t that important to the plot. Editing is going to be way less fun. You might need to scrap a lot of writing. 

But you might just find some golden nuggets in that drunk writing that is enough to pull you out of whatever state of stuck you were in and keep the story going! 

I’m writing this after a couple of glasses of wine (I’ll be editing later don’t worry). And I’ve been stuck on where to go in my third book, apparently the two male leads are going to have a small argument and admit some rather deeps feelings about being brothers and how they grew up and… it’s good. (Editing me: the explanation I have for that apparently isn’t thought, the important point is I had a small plot whole that I needed a bridge for and this argument was perfect for that!) I think… editing me can get back to you on that. (Just did). 

This is basically just an extra step to not having a filter for your first draft which is pretty common advice, but if like me removing a filter requires a little less common sense than you’re capable of, this is a trick I use. 

Also, edit. Like seriously, don’t upload drunk rants online without reading them sober and editing all the typos I’m seeing so many right now.