Maybe it’s just me but I find repetition comforting. And I haven’t had any beta readers complain about this yet so I’m going to assume at the very least, it isn’t bothering anybody. 

What isn’t bothering anybody? The fact that I have a series of small insignificant tasks that my character’s just keep going back to. 

In pretty much all of my stories. 

In my main book series it’s preparing hot drinks, tea or coffee most of the time. Character’s meet up in the kitchen to chat and brew tea, they sit at a table with coffee in the morning to catch up on last night’s shenanigans.

Out of Body Experience they put movies on every night to talk. 

Love, Coffee and Dragons also includes hot beverages. 

Oppida Institute for Reformation has the character’s stretching and warming up before training, again, usually while talking about stuff. 

And for me, this constant throughout the story really helps. It’s comforting almost. I don’t exactly know why. Has anybody got any ideas? The only thing I can maybe think of it being a status quo they can go back to. 

Maybe one day I can come back with a post that has an answer.