Humans are the majority, there are more humans than any other species. Despite this they are one of the shortest living species. Their average life span is around eighty to a hundred years old. The oldest having lived to one hundred and fifty.

They are one of the least confrontational species, in part due to their lack of magic, partly due to their shorter lifespan.

Despite this, they are the fundamental pillar of our society, where mages spend most of their life studying and the rest in highly specialized jobs, humans spend their life doing the repetitive yet necessary jobs. They tend to the crops, care for the animals, they stock the stores and train the horses.

Generally, people agree humans should be protected, despite their short life span, they are intelligent and creative and make the most of their short lives.

When the Union began, the monarchy became the system of choice. With a human monarch. There were several reasons for this. But the most predominant is that the short life span didn’t leave room for corruption. Is this overly optimistic? Undeniably. But if with a hundred years a human can be corrupted, what could a mage do with a thousand? Let us not think about it.

But this isn’t about the monarchy, it’s about humans.

Humans have contributed to our society over the years, not only as the basis of our work force, but also as leaders in the fine arts. Many of our most famous painters, writers and musicians were all humans.

Many of out best inventors were humans making up for that which they lacked in magic.

Without necessity there is not improvement.

Magic removes necessity.

Humans lack magic.

Humans have necessities.

Humans make improvements.