So many writers seek out inspiration, they reference it and credit it for their successes, they us it as an excuse for their failures. But I have learnt one thing from my book, and I’m going to be straightforward with you so pardon my language, inspiration don’t mean shit.

Inspiration is a word we use, sometimes even the right word to use. But the idea that inspiration just kind of comes and goes and you have to seize the moment, is really false. Like, really false. From my own personal experience, inspiration wasn’t something I got and then started writing, it’s something I got, when I started writing.

The more I wrote, the more inspiration I got.

That’s how, in my opinion, good inspiration works. You can have a very straightforward and bland book idea, you start writing that idea, and as you write, that idea develops. As you meet the characters and spend more time in their world, you learn more and more. That is inspiration there.

And I’m looking at my blank page, and it’s super short and I’m thinking, what else can I add? But I don’t think I need to add anything. All you need to understand is that you can write without inspiration. And you should. And you’ll find that once you learn to not care about inspiration, that’s when you’ll find it.