Let your character collect things. 

Something random and pointless that they can continue to collect throughout your story. 

Have them carry a silly little bag around their waist only used for that collection. Perhaps stones from the battlefields they fight on? Perhaps shells from beaches? Feathers? Acorns? 

Let them pause during high tensions moments to collect something or glance down at their collection. 

Give value to something pointless. 

Not for some big plot relevant reason, just because. Just because your character’s are real, and real people find coping mechanism during high tension moments. And perhaps that coping mechanism is they collect stupid things. Because they don’t feel like they truly own anything anymore and it helps. 

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Do you collect anything pointless? I’ve had so many collections over the years I don’t think I could even list them all, from stamps, stones, shells, fossils to the most randomest of things such as fortunes from fortune cookies.