Golems are the physically strongest species in The Union if we ignore magic.
They are creatures of pure stone exterior with a heart made of magic that beats once per hour. They are usually very slow, except when they are fighting, at which point they are unstoppable because their movements their thoughts are separate. This means once a fight has began with a golem it will not end until he golem is immobilised.
Some golem’s learnt to activate this fast moving mode for walking. Leading them to walk straight across borders into enemy territory and very nearly starting a war.
They are the only species The Union doesn’t have simple restraining weapons for and both golem and humans are working hard on creating them for everybody’s safety.
Golem’s usually work in constructions because despite their slow movement their strength and the fact they do not sleep makes up for it. They know exactly how to create sturdy buildings and you can just leave them to it.