Giants are ten times the size of the average human. They live ten times as long. They’re also ten times as likely to get into a fight… okay, the last statistic may be made up.
But giants love fighting. They fight mostly with large wild animals. But often times they make mistakes.
There’s a famous story of how a giant got into a fight with a dragon, but the dragon was a mere teenager trying to flee and the giant didn’t realise dragons were intelligent species, until the mother appeared.
There was a very short war between dragons and giants where dragons flew around and stopped all trading with giants until the giant who started the fight came over, apologised, explained the misunderstanding and promised it wouldn’t happen again.
Apparently, dragons and giants would become closer after that for a few hundred years. In that time, dragons taught giants to light fires (probably a mistake) and giants built dragons their castle.
Giants, however, don’t stay put in one place so their relationship was short-lived.
Giants specialise in trading as it gives them the perfect excuse to move around the kingdom and get in fights with new creatures.