Emily loved small talk.

She loved people.

She’d always loved people. Ever since she was small, she was full of far too personal questions about people’s lives, the details of which she held onto with scary accuracy.

She had to learn boundaries, but it didn’t take her long. She was amazingly empathetic. And had lots of friends.

But ever since she was little she had an unusual passion. Dragons.

At the time, Dragons weren’t officially part of the kingdom. They weren’t exactly outsiders. They traded and kept good relations. But they lived outside of the kingdom’s reach, in their own little city with a caste and mountains.

Sometimes when travelling nearby you could see them in the distance. Looking like nothing more than birds.

And she was amazed. They were beautiful, all different colours, they were huge and powerful, and Emily wanted to see them up close.

Then one day, the king declared how close dragons were to joining the Union. To join the kingdom and be just another town she could catch a train and go to.

Emily got up at five am to get a good spot, awaiting the announcement, and her heart leaped with joy when the king stood next to the green haired tall man, apparently a dragon, and announced the dragons Union.

Emily took her life savings and didn’t hesitate to go straight to the city she’d always dreamed of.

It was a nightmare. The streets were completely un-navigable to a human who couldn’t fly. But that didn’t stop her. She bought an old clocktower that had been taken over by time.

She spent months working ten to twelve hours a day to renovate it, and opened up the first inn/restaurant/coffee store.

She got up every morning and stared out her window at the reptiles flying overhead.

She ignored those comments about her not belonging.

She smiled and made small talk, and over time, she become popular. Nobody dared say anything bad about her. Not because Emily cared, but because others did.

Emily didn’t care for politics. She didn’t really keep track. She was surprised yet supportive when her best friend said she would be leaving the city for political reasons.

She was overjoyed when said friend came back and informed her, she was pregnant.

The woman who came with her, tall, stern and beautiful, seemed less overjoyed. But Charlotte liked her and that was more than enough for Emily to hire her.

Elizabeth was amazing at her job. She was quiet and stern and had clearly lived an interesting life, not that Emily could get any of that out of her at the beginning.

Emily cried so hard when Elizabeth asked her for her hand in marriage. Only to cry even more on her return home to find it empty.

Everything she had worked towards was gone. And then the mage, May, this young girl who looked like no more than a teen, revealed the last dragons.

And Emily was more than prepared to be the mother these kids needed.

She loved each and every one of them like they were her own. She comforted them and hugged them and loved them with all her heart and soul.

She smiled, like nothing had ever happened. She had Elizabeth, her love, she had the children, she had her inn. She’d lost so much, but she still had so much to smile for.