Elizabeth was human.

In a world with creature who didn’t age such as vampires and fairies. Creatures who lived thousands of years such as mages. Creatures who nobody really knew but certainly didn’t have a short life span such as dragons. Elizabeth was human. If she were lucky, she would make it to a hundred.

For a lot of people, this was frustrating.

For Elizabeth, it meant she had no time to waste.

She had no time for small talk. She formed few relationships but held those she did very dearly.

One of these relationships was with Charlotte. A little shorter than herself, Charlotte with her long blonde hair and sea coloured eyes, had pulled and pushed at Elizabeth’s heart until finally taking permanent residence inside. Charlotte was one of Elizabeth’s best friend. So much so, that when Charlotte had to go home, Elizabeth followed.

Elizabeth didn’t realize at the time how this city of flying reptiles would become her home. It became her home, not because of the dragons, the building, the weather, the mountains or even her new job as a chef. It became her home because of one very special person.

Her boss, a woman about her age. A human, like herself.

A woman who never stopped smiling and never ever seemed ingenuine. She would work hard at keeping the inn in top shape and would compliment Elizabeth’s cooking every single day.

She was a master of small talk.

Elizabeth did not like small talk.

Yet when she saw Emily talk to the customers, asking about their day, about their children and their family.

Elizabeth began to realize; this woman had a use for small talk.

Then one day Emily complimented something other than the food.  And Elizabeth blushed. And Emily realized.

“Hey, I know you don’t really do small talk but… how about a coffee after work?”


Needles to say, Elizabeth learnt to small talk.

Their marriage was complicated. They got engaged but had nobody to announce it to. They got married with no guests in a ghost town.

Elizabeth always said she never wanted children.

But when May, a young mage with no parenting experience explained that she had seven young dragon who needed to stay hidden. Emily and Elizabeth did not hesitate.

They took charge of their education, they cooked and cleaned and showed the kids love and care. They listened to them when they were sad or frustrated. Emily and Elizabeth were the proud mothers of seven dragons.  

While Emily made small talk, kept the kids socially adapt. Elizabeth was the one with a sword always ready to go. Always ready to put her life on the line for her children,