Usually the YA book industry isn’t as strict with swearing as say TV or movies. 

Obviously if you’re writing YA, don’t full it to the brim with swear words, that’s not necessary and can put people off. 

But if you want to swear occasionally because stakes are high enough and the character would do that, just do it. Don’t do the whole “f-” and then interrupt.  

To me, this looks really cheesy and immediately brings me out of a book. Maybe this is just my personal opinion. Feel free to give yours. But as reader that’s my experience. 

Either swear or don’t. 

Also, I love it when a younger character swears and an adult is like, “language,” it’s just one of those tropes I adore. Especially if tension is really high and there are way more important things to be worried about. 

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Do you think swearing is okay in books? Or are you like my gran who didn’t want a single one?