Dryads are those nymphs who fell in love with nature. Choosing to give their life to the trees, to the plants, to nature itself.
They never leave the forest. They are less social even than the elves and the only reason several wars have not begun at the hands of this species is because every time a fire starts or a tree that shouldn’t have been cut down is cut down, the elves will come and make new life.
Each dryad has a tree within which they live, to that tree and that tree alone they can talk. The tree tells them what’s going on in the forest and communicates clearly what it needs to survive.
To cut down a dryad’s tree would be a death sentence both for he who cut who would surely be killed, but later to the dryad who would lie down on the stump of the tree and starve to death.
There are only three registered dryad deaths of this cause. Each of them received a commemorative statue with a newly planted tree in the middle that would eventually become a part of the statue.