Explaining dragon culture is complicated, mostly because they don’t even know what their culture is.
When dragon joined The Union and a government official approached in search of written records of their history, they were instead met with a bunch of children’s fairy tales none of which could be confirmed true.
Dragons live care free. They are huge species with super human strength, speed and resistance. The ability to fly and walk through fires.
The average life span of a dragon is unknown given that as far as records go none have ever died of old-age, all of them managing to die in some kind of accident, usually flying.
Dragons refused to join The Union for many years seeing it as no more than limitations and expectations, but the newer generation of dragons has a desire to travel, learn and build something bigger than themselves, leading them to join only 28 years ago.
Only for the entire species to mysterious disappear overnight only ten years later, leaving but questions and theories behind.