Daniel Mason, well Danny. He was the middle child. Him and Fred both.

They were just old enough to have recollections of what happened, they remembered the blood and the screaming. Yet it felt more like an old nightmare they couldn’t quite shake off.

Danny was easily agitated, especially by his younger sister, Sarah, who knew exactly which strings to pull. Despite this, if you wanted to find him, find Sarah and he was there.

His mother told him to stay close to her, and he did.

He loved climbing things and hoped that one day he’d convince the older kids to teach him to fly.

He learnt to cook quite early on, having a large appetite, but he had no love for cooking, unlike his younger sister. He cooked out of necessity, not out of inspiration.

He was well known for his honesty. He didn’t sugar coat anything. He was often used by the adults and older kids to figure out how the others were feeling.

Danny was at one point the unspoken leader of the children, but somehow Sarah had sneaked up behind him and stolen his crown. Danny has no intention of getting it back.