I tried to include things that can be done by both established couples as well as eventually to be couples. 

1.- Show interest in each others hobbies. Whether they’re just sitting on the side watching, asking questions or actively trying to learn and be involved. Being interested in each other should mean being interested in the parts of their life that bring them joy. 

2.- Trying to talk to family. I love when character’s meet the other’s parents, if they’re together or wanting to be together, the careful attempts to make a good impression are so cute! I also love when there are younger siblings they get along with just great. It’s a trope, but remember tropes only got there for being widely popularised and thereby enjoyed. 

3.- Reminiscing. This usually works best later on in the series when a lot had happened, coming back to a location that once meant a lot to them. But this can also be early on in the series as a way of getting new readers up to date! 

4.- Getting dressed or otherwise prepared together. I love when character’s ask other characters how they look. I especially like this when they’re not yet together, forcing the other character to look at them more closely and chose words to describe them. 

5.- Tucking the other one in. This can be after a really long day. Or it can just be that one character is far faster at falling asleep than the other. Both are adorable. 

6.- Going on walks together, chatting about inconsequential stuff. This can be great for world building, showing off bits of your world. It can also be great for character envelopment, showing of interests and reactions. But most important, it’s great for establishing they work together as a couple. 

7.- Waking the other person up. Kind of the opposite to tucking them in. But I love this, different character’s will act different, some are soft and gentle. Other’s are brutal in their delivery. It also depends on the situation, I love when there is an emergency and a usually gentle character has to move fast, they are apologetic all the while but safety comes first and I love it. 

And that’s it for this post. Can you think of any more? There are loads more! I might do a part two but right now I’m a bit hazy so I’m trying not to push myself too much.