For years one of the dragon’s most impressive landmarks was the clocktower. Standing at almost the same height as the three watch towers, it served the purpose of letting all dragons know the time while flying through the skies.

However, for a while the clocktower had become less and less valued. It’s hard to say exactly when people stopped caring about the monument, but with less and less active interest and a lot of budgeting to do, especially before joining the Union and receiving financial aid from the kingdom, the clocktower lost a lot of it’s charm, and eventually stopped working altogether.

At one meeting, maybe fifty years before the Union, at one of many voting sessions, with no record of who was present, the town agreed it could be sold. Expecting someone to take interest. Nobody saw a use for the building.

Until the Union, after the signatures were done and humans allowed to move, one young woman took interest in the building, she had the money and there was no reason to deny the sale. So, she purchased the clocktower.

Emily could not believe her luck. The clocktower was stunning, despite needing a good coat of paint and some good old DIY. She got a lot of help from friends and family. Hired locals, and Charlotte, her new dragon friend, she got the clocktower to look beautiful once more, perhaps even more so than its original status.

She created rooms, added furniture, installed a kitchen and bathrooms and finally, she opened up the city’s first, and only Inn. It was also a café and a restaurant. And although business was slow to begin, she soon got an exceptionally good reputation, and had a very lucrative business on her hands.

Emily was very deserving of this, she worked hard every single day, she cleaned the entire building herself. To this day, despite everything that had happened, this monument still stands tall, is still well taken care of and a reflection of dragon kind.

The Clocktower