Whenever I show a character’s room for the first time, I always find myself thinking long and hard about it. 

So much so, I often avoid it out of fear of getting it wrong. 

I think it’s a very important insight into a character and there are so many small details we can use. 

Is there bed made or a mess? 

Is the room tidy or a mess? 

Do they have posters up on the walls? 

Are there photos anywhere? If so, of whom? Friends? Family? Random places they’ve visited? 

What useless junk is there? A snow globe from a visit to the zoo? Some figurines from a show they liked as a kid? 

What not useless junk is there? 

Do they have a hobby and where can we see that in their room? 

Do they have a large or small desk? 

How big is their closet? Is it an open or closed design? 

Is the window open? 

Are there plants by the window? 

Are the curtains pulled? 

Where are their dirty clothes kept? Thrown on the floor or in a laundry basket? 

Are there any empty bowls or dirty plates? This tells us a character comes to their room to eat. Why? To avoid others or because they don’t want to be away from their work? 

There is so much you can tell about a character from their room! It’s kind of intimidating but also amazingly fun to think about. 

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Maybe I’ll do a full post going into detail about character’s rooms. I’ve been doing a lot of shorter posts lately, I’m kind of going through a bit of brain fog. It makes sense. I’m on a restricted diet (for health reasons, not weight related or anything) so I’m a little hungry, I’ve managed to somehow get into a schedule of waking up at 8am, leaving home at 9am and not getting back until 10pm. University plus apprenticeships was maybe not my brightest idea. But oh well, thankfully I enjoy my apprenticeship and my university course. Plus I’m finding just enough time over the weekend to keep up with Tumblr and TikTok. 

I’ve said this plenty of times before but, if you have any questions, request for writing advice, anything! Right now they’re more aprecitated than ever because you’re saving me having to actually think of a post! (Although I do have about nine posts in queue so if my answer takes a while, blame my efficiency!)