Aerradra. Home of dragons.

It occupies the space of a large city, while being home to a mere few hundred dragons at it’s prime. This is due to the large size of it’s homes.

When dragons reigned, they enjoyed their powers, they liked being able to enter their home no matter which form they chose to be in. They also had flat roofs that allowed for easy landing. As well as large windows so the wind could travel through their homes.

The castle was a gift.

You see, long ago, dragons didn’t live between the mountain, they lived in a dessert. The biome was perfect for dragons who enjoyed the hot temperatures. But, it was also the perfect place to grow an elemental fruit that would feed many more.

At first the others species negotiated for space. And the dragons complied.

But then the dragons realized how their land could feed many more if they weren’t there. So, they left. They gave up their territory for this fruit. And made their new home among the mountains.

A location that few other species could reach.

The other species thanked them with the castle.

Did it serve a use to the dragons who could fly? No. But they were grateful and made use for it. They put their library and their classrooms and homed their guards.

A couple of changes had to be made to the town once the dragons joined the Union. First was the incorporation of a series of public buildings, most of which just went straight into the castle. The train station was the exception.

That was placed at the very entrance of the town, a single series of tracks found there way through the mountain and connected the town with the rest of the kingdom.

The second thing was with free circulation of all species incorporated into the Union. The need to adapt the town for those species incapable of flight became rather apparent.

And although the adaptations were not instant, and not always well made, and often straight up mistakes (those stairs don’t actually go anywhere… oops), they were done. Stairs everywhere, a nightmare to walk through, but it was doable.

Those none-dragons who lived in the city permanently (mostly humans) could eventually learn to navigate the place. One of the biggest tricks to navigating it was the castle, watchtowers and clocktower. Six landmarks that were visible from the ground and allowed you to at least know you weren’t going in the complete opposite direction. If little more.

Today, the city is pretty much empty. Doors and windows left open from the sudden disappearance of dragon kind. Slowly the paint on the buildings cracks, a window shatters with a gust of wind and nobody’s there to replace it, the wood rots with no care and even the stone is overtaken by moss and plants.

Nobody flies overhead.