The monarch’s advisors, as the name would impose, are people whose job is to offer up advice to the current monarch.

Each monarch has many advisors, each one specialized in a different subject, some are specialized in different species cultures, vampires, werewolves… others were specialized in education, healthcare, security…

The monarch will summon them as they are needed, they will be present in meetings that touch on their material and they will stay up to date on the kingdom’s advances.

But all monarchs have at least one advisor, that is not like the rest. Also called the monarch’s right hand, this advisor does not specialize, like the monarch they are present for most meetings and are never missing from important ceremonies or speeches.

Their main job is to help the monarch stay on schedule and monitor anything that could go wrong. They are the second pair of eyes that keep an eye on things.

Some monarchs will have more than one of these advisors, depending on how capable they are, and how capable their advisors are.

It’s a very important job, probably the most important job the kingdom has. Being the monarch a birth right as a pose to a job.