Hannah Russell


About the Author, me, Hannah Russell.

I always hate bios, it’s like, nobody really cares about my life. Even I don’t care to hear about my life. I lived it. It was fine, like, mediocre, six out of ten?

Yet, it’s expected, I am expected to sell myself, an expression I hate by the way, I know what it means and it’s supposed to reflect self-confidence, but I am not an object to be sold.

I am a person.

So, how do I relate to my book? Other than the fact I wrote it. I guess, it’s important to me. It’s not like, a piece of my soul turned into words, I didn’t write it with blood or sweat. But I’m still proud of myself. I had an idea at the age of fifteen and wrote it down on a piece of paper instead of just forgetting for a change.

Did I forget the piece of paper for five years? Yes. But I mean, better late than never?  

I’ve spent two years, two years with this book as a part of my life. That’s longer than some people manage to stay in my life.

I’ve made timelines, drawn references, I’ve written and read, read some more, re-written, edited, read it again, re-wrote some bits, revised, edited… it was tiring. At times it felt like it would never be complete.

It still feels like I could add and improve and re-write infinitely. But with every draft, I got a better book. And six drafts in, I’m content. I think it has quality, the characters know who they are and the plot is built on a sound structure.

So, I hope you can relate to the characters, and learn to love them like I did. I hope you can enjoy the world and visit it with me.

I’d like you to know, that the same questions you ask while reading, I asked myself while writing. And although we may come across those questions at different moments, the experience is closer than you may think.

I love reading.

I love writing.

I love them both, for the exact same reason.

I know the proffesional thing to do is have a photo of oneself in this section, but I can’t find any up to date proffesional looking photos so here is one of my cat looking stunning. 

Hope this will do. 

Love Hannah xxx