So, I want to talk about the weather. Not how to use the weather to set the mood or enhance a scene. No, there are plenty of posts about that doing a way better job than I ever could. 

I want to talk about how much there is to be done with weather because so often people limit themselves to rainy, cloudy, sunny or snowy. 

Why? Weather is infinite in it’s forms! First of all you can have rain and wind, rain and sun, you can have light rain or heavy rain, you can have fog, you can have rain clouds with the smell of rain but no water, you can have thunder but no rain. 

First, you can combine most weather types together. Fusion weather! Sunny storms. Windy heatwave. Snowy and rainy. 

Second, remember the weirder weather, the hale, the summer storms, electric storms, heat waves… 

Third, remember rain isn’t always cold and the sun isn’t always hot. You can have chilly days that look beautiful with not a cloud in the sky. You can have a storm where the air is humid and hot and despite the water getting inside you leave the window open. 

The thing is, the weather is weird, we’ve all had those days where you get up, it’s sunny, you go to the park and it starts thundering and a sudden downpour that lasts only a few minutes. 

And these can lead to fun situations. These can make the world feel so much more real. They can be so much more interesting! 

When we only use the weather to set a tone… well, we aren’t showing not telling because our audience will eventually understand what you are telling them. The random weather phenomenons brings that little bit more detail into your world and it can be fun to play with. 

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