Where most kingdoms have castles for military reasons. The palace is more of a hub.

The kingdom was mostly self-sufficiently. It had no need for trading. But trading still helped. It offered more variety and higher happiness. But the first meetings that were held in the town hall, for as beautiful a building as it was, did not seem to have the desired effect.

Apparently without a castle or a palace of some kind, other monarchs saw no reason to take you seriously.

Because of this, when the kingdom began work on the Union, they also started construction on the palace.

It didn’t offer up the same amount of defence or practical use as other castles, but it did offer a good meeting spot, a place for the king and other high up government officials to live, and a great number of offices, dining halls and ball-rooms.

It was designed with a purpose different to those of neighbouring kingdoms, and as such, was different. It was designed to impress, and that it did.

It was tall and white, with big windows and thick doors.

Its guards had matching uniforms with gold details.

The castle looks brand new; within reason it is. It has a garden of green grass and beautiful flowers. It has tall walls, behind it is the forest, a long sprawling forest that covers most of the kingdom, even if it receives different names in different areas.

To the right, left and in front Oppida, the kingdom’s capital. A large city home to numerous magical and non-magical species. The hub for anything and everything of a decent size.