Where to even start?

Dragons are my current field of study. They joined the Union just five years ago and one of the king’s advisors recommended I be the one to annotate their use of magic within out society.

I’ve been here for five years, and they are complicated to work with, but I do not hold them accountable. Dragons don’t understand magic the way we mages do, it’s a natural part of them, like blood is to a human, except unlike blood it has no physical form and can’t be seen touched or perceived.

Dragons will usually look like me or you, with a couple of small variations; they don’t have nails, instead they have claws. Also, they’re fireproof. Everything dragon is fireproof, they look like they have skin and flesh and hair, and they kind of do, but it’s not the same, it’s fireproof. I don’t study science, I study magic, so I can’t say I know why this is, but it’s a characteristic they all share.

They also have different eyes, their eyes aren’t limited to your standard colours and they have slit pupils, much like a cat or probably more accurately, like a reptile.

Their hair also is not limited to standard colours, often their hair and eyes match up in some way with their dragon form, although it isn’t always the case.

Dragon form. Dragons are shapeshifters, similar to vampires or werewolves. They can switch between their human form and that of a dragon. Dragon’s come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share a couple of features.

They are all are four legged, with snouts and long tails, they all have wings and scales.

Some dragons are stronger, others faster, others bigger, they have a large variety of colour combinations and patterns. Some dragons have horns while others have fur. Although horns seem extremely common, while fur a bit more rare.

Also rare is silver or gold scales, that sparkle in the sun. I’ve seen very few dragons with this quirk, and none fully this colour, it seems more of a complimentary pattern. I theorize this may be a sign of higher magic but have no proof to back this up.

Magic! Talking about magic, other than transforming, dragons are highly dependant on magic, it offers them super strength and speed, although in varying amounts, it is also what keeps them alive.

Dragons are cold blooded, like many reptilians, but this cold blood also carries on to their human form. Their magic warms their body and keeps them at a high temperature, without this, dragons would have to work very hard to maintain a normal temperature, they would quite likely struggle to survive.

Dragons don’t understand how impressive what they do is. But it’s beautiful, seeing their youth running around transforming and just enjoying their powers. They don’t realize how powerful they are, they live among their own kind. It’s a shame other species don’t take after these creatures and learn to embrace magic as a part of their lifestyle and culture.

Dragons are the perfect example of a species coexisting with magic.